Research has proven that diets result in weight gain – NOT long term weight loss.

We keep dieting anyway.  We blame ourselves and feel worse with every failure.

It’s time to realize that it isn’t the person that fails a diet, it’s the diet that fails the person!

There is no “perfect diet” nor is there an ideal body size to ensure health and happiness.

It’s time to change how women feel about their relationship with food and their bodies.

It’s time to change the definition of health for women.

Just the desire to break free from dieting and diet culture that is where change begins.

The mission of the non-diet approach to health is to finally achieve peace and freedom from fighting with food and battling your body.

MBN&W Practice Philosophy

  • Women have spent enough time, money and energy buying into the dream of health, happiness and success promised by the latest diet trends, wellness products and “no pain, no gain” exercise pressure in pursuit of a standardized (and often unattainable) body ideal.
  • Women can regain their innate ability to be their own best expert by becoming more in tune with their body’s messages and needs–not the disordered rules of diet culture.
  • Women deserve to be liberated from the harmful physical, mental and emotional effects of diet culture.
  • Women need to support women in the quest for achieving their desired physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health status.  MBN&W donates a portion of all fees to women related organizations.

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